May 16, 2009

Is it ‘Game Over’ for The Game?

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As you may know, the CW’s only black comdy-drama “The Game” show its season/series finale. Which is is? Well, we all still don’t know. Here’s some words from Hosea Chanchez who plays Malik Wright

The entire cast is nervous and optimistic about this whole ordeal. I’ve been speaking with the cast and we were all really hypersensitive and didn’t really know why until yesterday, because last night’s episode might be the last that we ever see of the show. Everyone’s in a place of uncertainty. There’s no real closure to the situation. We’ll know the fate of the show in the next week (May 21st). So, right now it’s nerves and optimism. Next week it will be either joy…or depression. For me, it’s healthier to just find out. I’m the type of man that needs to know what going on in my life. I can deal with the cancellation or with the fourth season, but this lingering doesn’t really work for me that well.

I recently got into the show this past season and I would be sad if it were to go. I vote in favor for the game. Who’s with me?

Catch episodes from season three here


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  1. Elaunda Williams said,

    I love the show please don’t cancel

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