July 29, 2008

Terrence J APOLOGIZES to Rocsi!!!

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Ok now I’m really not into this this 106 and bullsh*t but some of you may be so here it goes. I caught wind that Terrence apologized to Rosci yesterday but here’s the thing. Why the hell didn’t he apologize in person? NOOOO! He had Mario do his dirty work for him. That was a wack azz, fake azz way to do it.  I don’t wanna hear no bullsh*t about how he’s on vacation either. Fu*k that. He shoulda been more careful and choosen his words more wisely. This really makes me think that this staged apology is about ratings ’cause the shoe already “jumped the shark”. Notice how BET was quick as hell to take down the clip of the tension but was so damn eager to put up the “apology” clip.  WTF? But enough of that, view the vid here.


Ok so after I said all that I found Terrence’s on air apology. It actually looks & sounds genuine.



July 24, 2008

Mariah & Soulja Boy stop by 106 for W.O.W.

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Check out these pics from yesterday’s edition of 106 & Park. I see Rosci must be back :S

July 16, 2008

On a lighter 106 and park note : The finest man on the planet BKA, LL Cool J on 106 yesterday

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So yesterday, my man, LL Cool J brough the video for his new hot single, “Baby” ft. The Dream.

LL Cool J ft. The Dream – Baby

This song is definely a summer banger. I did record this but i deleted it off my DVR like a DUMMY! So hopefully I can find it soon so you all can see Mr. Sexy! Here’s some eye candy while ya wait.

Terrence & Rosci’s on air lovers spat

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Ok, so throughout the time these to characters has been hosting 106 & Park they have openly flirted with one another so it’s a no-brainer that they are a couple or at least cutty buddies. So when Terrence was constantly verbally and mentally abusive to Rosci on the Friday, July 11th episode of the countdown show it went without saying that the two have had some tension off camera, perhaps Rosci refused to give him a “quickie” before taping started. I don’t really know what happened behind it all but Rosci walked off stage promptly while the #2 vfdeo was introduced and has yet to be seen on the show. 

What could have happened? Only T&J know. But, has Rosci finally been let go (Oh, please so no one has to hear that dry smoker’s voice) or is she just taking some time to cool off? Just watch, they will soon make up and excuse such as, Rosci is on vacation just how they tried to play us with Free leavin the show. Do y’all remember that?! Well, we’ll see what happens next. Watch the video here.


Ok so youtube has deleted the vid. CLICK ABOVE


Ok so youtube has deleted the vid. CLICK ABOVE