July 29, 2008

Terrence J APOLOGIZES to Rocsi!!!

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Ok now I’m really not into this this 106 and bullsh*t but some of you may be so here it goes. I caught wind that Terrence apologized to Rosci yesterday but here’s the thing. Why the hell didn’t he apologize in person? NOOOO! He had Mario do his dirty work for him. That was a wack azz, fake azz way to do it.  I don’t wanna hear no bullsh*t about how he’s on vacation either. Fu*k that. He shoulda been more careful and choosen his words more wisely. This really makes me think that this staged apology is about ratings ’cause the shoe already “jumped the shark”. Notice how BET was quick as hell to take down the clip of the tension but was so damn eager to put up the “apology” clip.  WTF? But enough of that, view the vid here.


Ok so after I said all that I found Terrence’s on air apology. It actually looks & sounds genuine.



July 24, 2008

Mariah & Soulja Boy stop by 106 for W.O.W.

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Check out these pics from yesterday’s edition of 106 & Park. I see Rosci must be back :S

July 16, 2008

Baldwin Hills or Baldwin Bratz?

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So what’s up with this new season of Baldwin Hills? We have Ms. TryTOOHard Lo’Rena schemin and tryna get at Moriah? Is she that low down and dirty that she would try to pursue another girl’s boyfriend? I mean come on chick, the way you are portaying yourself on national tv is exactly how Moriah described, “desperate”. LOL. Tell me why was I shocked at the fact that she said she was turning 17? I had just assumed she was around 20, dumb thinking on my part. She’s clearly still a kid.

And what’s up with Gerren gettin all upset with Moriah because he brought his new gf around his old gf (Gerren). Hello girl! YOU BROKE UP WITH HIM so WTH are YOU all mad for? huh? You obviously did not want to be with him but yet you get all up and mad when he had a new skee and your left all ALONE!  He clearly is not interested in you any more so MOVE ON!!!

Both of these chickens just may need a reality check so here it goes. Lo’Rena, Moriah has a GIRLFRIEND who is NOT you so leave him alone. I’m sure your not that crazy so maybe some dude will want you. && to Gerren, chick it’s clear to see you are not over Moriah but he’s over you so dry up those eyes, lift up that head and MOVFE the F*K ON!!

Now, I do kinda miss the old Baldwin Hills with the old gang, Roqui, Willie, Ashley and the other ones that went to college. 

Has this show jumped the shark so early in its life? You decide.