May 24, 2009

Charles Hamilton Gets Decked by Female

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Rapper (LMAO) Charles Hamilton gets punched in the face by a chick after offending her during a “rap battle”. From the looks of it, the two had been sleeping together, he got her pregnant and she got an abortion. <– That is the part where the decking came in. Apparently, this woman is Mary J Blige’s step daughter. Check the video here.


Here’s what Bri-Bri has to say about all this:

We seriously have a sick, dysfunctional, high school relationship. But… It is what it is. Like I said earlier: I DID NOT MEAN TO DECK HIM. I was holding it back but the more I thought about what he said the more I wanted to hit him. Sorry Grandma. I felt justified, but the more I think about it now, it is an unfair situation for him: I’m a female so he can’t hit me back with out a bunch of ppl talkn crap, and he still gets talked about if he doesn’t hit me. We ALL know that if a woman feels she’s man enough to hit a man, she’s probably man enough to take a punch. I’m not sayin thats right either

Matter of fact, let’s say this:
Even tho it was a “rap battle” and that’s the only reason he was going so hard…I would do it again in a heart beat. Somebody’s gotta shut the kid up sometime!!! But I got love for him tho.