August 15, 2008

Chris Brown & Rihanna just LOVE MAKIN LOVE!!!!

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These to seem to be glued at the hip. Gees. What’s up with RIhanna’s bathing suit though. Uh Ri-Ri, your bottoms DON’T MATCH!!!


August 6, 2008

Uhh, Ri-Ri, what’s up with that THING ON YOUR RING FINGER?!

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Ok, this photo of Rihanna has recently surfaced. Now, this ring, or whatever it is seems to be seriously TOO big for her. I’m guessing it’s one of Chris Brown’s rings. Unless they’ve secretly went and gotten engaged. LMAO.

Now, I’ve also found this pic floating on the web. hmmm………

August 3, 2008

Chris Brown’s Doublemint Commercial DEBUT!

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The long awaited commerical. View it here first.

Chris Brown & Rihanna make HOT STEAMY LOVE!

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Oooh Chris. What chu tryna do? These too are ALL cozy in this tub. I don’t think we need to tell you what happened next :X …