May 24, 2009

Can Ashanti Hold a Tune?

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Check the video of Ashanti singing, “Home”. I guess she’s not half bad.


August 5, 2008

Nelly “Body On Me” video shoot

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Here’s some pics of the video shoot. Nelly is lookin migh-T fine, as always.f ASHITty, whoops, i mean Ashanti looks nice and Akon looks like one of my long lost family members. LMAO.

August 3, 2008

ASHITTY, oops, I mean ASHANTI feautred in Page Six Mag

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So check out the latest interview of Ashanti in Page Six Magazine. She talks about her hiatus, kids and marriage here:

On her career coming to a halt in 2005:

“That was the worst part—not having a say as to what’s happening in my own life,” she says. “To a singer, that’s like telling them they’re dying. It was tragic.” 

On finding it hard to watch artists like Fergie and Rihanna fill her void:

“I’d hear a song on the radio and wish mine was next. But I respect a lot of the artists who’ve come along since I was out, especially Rihanna. She’s smart and she’s worked the business instead of having the business work her.”

Back in action now, Ashanti is even more driven, and not just with career.  Having two children with her boyfriend and fellow artist Nelly, she says thoughts are turning to marriage.

“I’ve been planning my wedding in my head since I was a little girl, and it just keeps getting more elaborate. I’m a huge fan of the Caribbean, so if I don’t get married in New York, it would have to be on the beach.”

July 29, 2008

WHOA NELLY! Ladies, look at what Nelly is workin with!

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So Nelly is the new model for Sean Jean’s underwear line. Smart choice Mr. Combs!

July 26, 2008

Lloyd ft. Nelly: Lose Control

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Here’s a new track from LHDC (Long Hair Don’t Care). It features sexy Nelly. 

Lose Control

July 23, 2008

Body On Me: Nelly, Akon & Ashanti

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Check out the recently released video for Nelly’s lastest single off of his upcoming album “Brass Knuckles”. The vid was filmed in Las Vegas at the Red Rock Casino, Resort, & Spa