August 4, 2008

Teen Choice Awards ’08 Pics

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Check out these pics of the Teen Choice Awards taped last night. The show is set to air later this month.


July 31, 2008

007: Alicia Keys goes UNDERCOVER

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So yes, it’s true. Miss Keys will be singing the theme song for the upcoming Bond flick Quantum Of Solace. 

“They’re very raw, very cut and dry,” she said at the time. “It’s like drums and guitar. It’s that simple and I love that. I think that combining that style with mine, which already has a raw feel to it, and my voice, I just think we could do something really interesting that mixes rock and soul together, the blues and emotion, and it could be really touching.”

The soundtrack to the film will be released on Oct. 28 followed by the flick’s Nov. 7 release.

July 29, 2008


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Check out this candid of the Meet Dave co-star. She looks nice!

What the HELL! Look at Raven Symoné!

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LMAO. Her eyes are buggin out and her lips are so dang ASHY! Get some Vaseline ma.

Tyrese to spend more time focusing on his ACTING

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Ooh, he’s so sexy. (Ehhem) 

So it seems Tyrese Gibson will be speneing more time on his acting career and giving the music thing a back seat. 

“I’m no longer doing music,” Gibson said. “I’m going to get back to music eventually, but I’ve done 14 years of music,  five albums and I really feel like at this point that every blessing taken for granted becomes a curse.”

He’;s currently shooting, Transformers 2 & also working on a new movie Death Race

July 23, 2008

Chris Brown hangs with DISNEY!

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Check out this pic of Chris Brown and Disney stars. He is photo’d with Brenda Song & Ashley Tisdale from the Suite Life pf Zack & Cody. Also pictured are the Cheetah Girls (yuk!)

July 21, 2008

Chris Brown getting “Bone Deep”

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So I hear some talking is going and it sounds like Chris Brown, T.I. & Matt Dilon will all star in an upcoming movie titled, “Bone Deep”. Brown’s character is a man who has gotten himself caught up in a heist. The film will begin filming this fall.